Lighting for Horeca

Lighting for horeca projects. Hotel, restaurant and bar/pub lighting designs for new and redesign projects.

Hotel Lighting

Lighting plans for hotels can include a diverse amount of lighting. Different areas around the hotel each have their own requirements. You can have an all-in-one solution to match your needs to lighting products that meet your standards for a wide range of applications. There can be lights for restaurant, reception areas, in-room lighting. Each have their own specific needs in terms of performance and settings. We can setup and offer cost savings across multiple product ranges that cover all aspects of hotel lighting.

Restaurant Lighting

We offer lighting designs and fixtures to set the right atmosphere at your restaurant locations. With control system to easily set different scenes at lunch or dinner. Giving you an easy all-in-one solution to offer your clients a new experience in lighting design.

Pub Lighting

We deliver the lighting fixtures and control systems needed in bar lighting. Creating new trends in lighting design for bars that help you stand out from the competition. Creating the right lighting plan for your new projects or redesign of existing bars and cafes.

Horeca lighting automation

We offer control systems and automation for horeca lighting. Putting you in control of your lights. Helping you setup scenes and patterns to create the right atmosphere across different settings. And recognising rooms that are inactive to reduce the loss of electricity and generating cost savings. Cost savings that are not only good for your wallet but also help to create a better environment.

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