Lighting Fixtures

Producing all kinds of lighting fixtures and lighting components. Offering assembly and production services to lighting designers who are looking to outsource the production of lighting fixtures and components.

Ceiling light

Producing all kinds of ceiling light and downlight. LED lighting fixtures and light engines for fixtures and light luminaires. Making spotlights and led lights that are used for hotel, office, retail, and building projects. Easy to install and low maintenance cost.

Linear lighting

Architectural and linear lighting fixtures. Recessed, hanging or surface mounted profile lighting. Create different combinations of lighting atmosphere by combining multiple nodes into different shapes.

Track lighting

Development of track lighting systems used in retail, hotel and office projects. Easy to install and maintain tracks that can use different elements to create different combinations of lighting. While reducing the cost to adapt different lighting plans easily.

With 10+ years of experience in producing all kinds of lighting fixtures. We are your one stop shop for everything lighting. Whether you are looking to buy existing models or need help producing custom lights according to your specifications. Providing solutions to the lighting industry and clients looking for lighting products.

Assembly of lighting fixtures

Are you a lighting designer looking to outsource the production and assembly of lighting fixtures? We can assist you in setting up assembly and production lines for lighting fixtures and components. Offering you a cost-effective alternative to having inhouse production.

Lighting components

We sell and produce all kinds of lighting components; including terminals, reflectors, lenses, heatsinks, metal parts, wires, springs, led, drivers,... Are you in need of specific parts or custom made lighting parts? We are your one stop shop for producing all kinds of lighting components. To get a FREE quotation on custom parts send your drawings by email or fill our the quotation form.

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