Led strip lighting products

Led strip lighting products

We have added a new range of LED strips to our catalog range. We now offer a complete range of high quality premium LED strips. Our model range consists of; notorious, chroma, radical, atom and elemental. With this range we cover all aspects in led strip lighting.

The notorious model is manufactured with Bridgelux LED chips. It offers the best quality LED strips with high efficiency and high lumen output on the market today. Chroma is our go-to model for all RGB led strip applications. Then there is Radical led strip which is a model that offers ultra long size of led strip up to 50 meters.

Atom is a pointless COB led strip that is a continuous beam of light. Finally we have the elementary model which is the standard led strip with high efficiency and standard lumen outputs. Which can be used for a variety of applications. All these models come with up to 5 years warranty.

With this selection, we are confident that we can cover a wide range of applications and installations. For more information and pricing contact us.

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